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Finance your Education

Your starting point to a bright future.
what we do

Kredit Future provides students with a new alternative to student loans. Our credit model is based on what is called ‘Income Share Agreement
We don’t take collaterals, We don’t charge interests or late payments. We only take a small share from your future income.


We are bringing to India a new way to finance your education in the US. No collaterals, No interests


We provide mentoring and guidance to students who need help with their resume, essays and the application packages.


We design and manage investment funds in education. We partner with the industry leaders to provide best services.

2018 Applications Now Open

Who we are


It’s about making a positive change

We are currently a startup looking to grow our fund with time.

The Partners

We partner with you to fund your education in exchange of a percentage share of your future income


We want you to have someone to guide you through the entire process. Be it Resume Review, Essay editing or application assistance.


We invest in your future to reap returns. If you grow, we grow. You need not pay anything if you don't get a job. We take all the risk


Increase Competitiveness

We help universities to increase competitiveness by helping well-deserved students to pursue education without financing being a roadblock.

Indigenous Algorithm

Our in-house algorithm assesses the future success of students and earning potential solely based on merit and not financial or economic background

Career Freedom

We take the pressure off students to obtain the highest-paying job that they can afford and instead provide the freedom to select a job based on interest.

Insurance against Poor Returns

If you end up earning less, you repay less. Private student loans have notoriously steep interest rates. We take the risk on your behalf

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